• Evelyn Lozada: Rock-Hard Resolve

    The reality star-turned-advocate opens up about beauty, fitness and motherhood, plus the personal obstacles that led to powerful life changes. That Ev… read more

  • 3 Beauty-Routine Essentials

    Great skin care doesn’t have to be complicated—just consistent. If you want flawless skin, you have to work on it every day,” says Adina Diaz, m… read more

  • Top 5 Nutrients for Age-Defying Skin

    Gorgeous, glowing skin is possible at any age with these naturally rejuvenating age erasers. The passage of time gets written across our faces in the … read more

  • Change Agent

    Sen. Martin Heinrich talks about why preventive health care is the key to slashing medical costs—and altering people’s lives for the better. Sen. … read more

  • 4 Whey Cool Benefits

    Protein, one of the building blocks of a healthy diet, is essential to muscle growth and a lean physique, but which one should you choose? Here are a … read more


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Pyramid Power

The right supplements help build a strong foundation of health. One of the wonders of the world, the Great Pyramid of Giza is an engineering marvel. Estimated to weigh nearly 6 million tons, it’s also an enduring symbol of a structure that is meant to last. Figuratively, it’s also an… read more

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