• Marvelous Magnesium: a Chill Pill (and more! )

    Discover the many health benefits of this amazing mineral, including its ability to help you better handle stress, protect your heart and get a great … read more

  • Popsicle Power

    Make dessert count with supplement-infused treats that pack a punch. Think frozen pops are just for kids? Think again. These grown-up versions of our … read more

  • Rainbeau Mars: Balanced Beauty

    The sought-after health and fitness guru shares the secrets to finding your inner and outer shine. Rainbeau Mars wants to expand the way you think abo… read more

    Photo by Jeff Skeirik
  • Back to School With a Better Brain

    Learn the essential nutrients that can help boost cognitive development, improve concentration and fuel your child’s success. As fall approaches, mi… read more

    Elementary school children writing in class
  • Healthy Indulgence

    A protein-packed treat that’s as kind to your taste buds as it is to your waistline? It’s possible, thanks to a superstar supplement and a sweets-… read more

    Photo by Jessica Stier

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Vitamins on a Stick

These luscious frozen treats are a cool way to take your supplements. Remember eating popsicles as a kid—perhaps from your banana-seat bike and with melting juices running down your arm? I certainly do. Funny how these super-sweet, brightly colored, rocket-shaped treats have come to symbolize so many great things about… read more

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