About Us

As the exclusive health and wellness magazine for GNC, WellBella is a monthly publication dedicated to educating, motivating and inspiring contemporary women of all ages to reach for the highest vision of themselves through the transformational power of health and beauty. Written by top health and fitness experts, every issue is a go-to guide, featuring the latest news, advice, hot products, workouts and an exclusive cover story interview with a high-profile female celebrity who has an inspirational health message. Aligned with the new energy of GNC, WellBella puts a fresh—and sexy—spin on every woman’s wellness. GNC Gold Card members receive it free at their local stores. If you’re not a Gold Card member yet, you can get a copy of WellBella one of three ways: Free with the purchase of a Gold Card membership; free with ANY purchase; or you may buy a copy for $3.95.

About the Company

Basic Media, established in 1996 and headquartered in Los Angeles, is a world-class, niche media company dedicated to publishing high-quality custom magazines, books and digital properties in the fields of health, wellness, fitness, sports nutrition and mixed martial arts. Basic Media publishes exclusive custom magazines for some of America’s largest retail chains, including CVS/pharmacy and General Nutrition Centers (GNC).