Balanced Beauty

A board-certified holistic health coach and licensed aesthetician, NeoCell’s brand ambassador shows that glowing, radiant skin is possible with a multifaceted approach to health.

When Rachael Pontillo says that skin health and beauty require a holistic approach, she speaks from true experience. After years of battling acne, the AADP-certified health coach and licensed aesthetician went back to school for aesthetics and emerged with a holistic take on skin care that was fortified by her work with private clients. Inspired to educate women about holistic skin-care options, she launched her blog and company,

As she began dispensing online advice, Pontillo experienced her own health transformation. “I changed my diet in an effort to lose excess weight following my second pregnancy, and saw the quick and dramatic improvement in my skin and my overall health,” she recalls. “I’ve had many clients with similar life-changing experiences, and I knew that this knowledge needed to be brought to a larger scale with my book, Love Your Skin, Love Yourself, and in my other work.”

Today, Pontillo shares her holistic skin-care wisdom as a brand ambassador for NeoCell. While addressing the science behind skin care, the enterprising health advocate acknowledges that it’s essential to nourish inner wellness on multiple levels. “In holistic health, it’s also necessary to address the importance of lifestyle, self-esteem, finding one’s true self, and more recently, the concept of self-love,” she says. “When all of these components are in place, true beauty and health—inside out and outside in—is possible and lasts a lifetime.”

wb | Why is holistic skin care, from the inside out and the outside in, so vital to health and beauty? 
rp | There are many wonderful natural ingredients that nourish the skin from the outside in, but that’s only one piece of the puzzle. There’s also the nutritional aspect of skin care, which includes certain foods, dietary theories, supplements and detox regimens that focus on the “inside out” piece by providing the skin cells with hydration, healthy fats, and bioavailable nutrients and antioxidants.

wb | What’s your favorite NeoCell product? 
rp | I love their Collagen Beauty Builder. I take it with my morning dose of my whole-foods-based multivitamin and probiotic. Probiotics are great for restoring and maintaining a healthy population of beneficial bacteria in the gut, which helps keep harmful bacteria and yeasts from causing rashes, flare-ups and acne.

wb | What are the holistic benefits of NeoCell’s collagen and HA supplements? 
rp | Hyaluronic acid [HA] functions as a humectant, and has the ability to bind 1,000 times its own weight in water to the cells. This is crucial for healthy cell structure and function. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body and is present in the cells that form all connective tissue, smooth muscle tissue, epithelial tissues such as lungs and blood vessels, as well as hair and nails. NeoCell’s collagen and HA supplements not only replenish these nutrients in the body, which decline with age, but also they are formulated in a way that actually encourages the body to produce more collagen and HA on its own.

wb | What are your top three natural skin-care tips? 
rp | First, eat more fresh, raw fruits and vegetables! Smoothies are a great way to consume large amounts quickly and conveniently. Second, drink enough water every day. Third, consume enough healthy fats such as omega-3s, either from whole-food sources or from a high-quality supplement.

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